abtemas environmental and social studies lab, is an architecture and urban planning studio that seeks to make the invisible visible; to make your ideas becomen a reality.

We work on the territory and cities, we help you to define your objectives of sustainable development, your urban agenda, your personal project.
We do this with the hope of achieving a more equitable, supportive, healthy and resilient society, in which we can develop your project, whether personal, social or business.
Organized information allows us to make decisions that maintain a coherent line of evolution, controlling and directing resources towards maximizing the social impact of our decisions.

Portfolio selection

  • PROT Initial 2018 Cover
  • Cover of the Aquaculture Master Plan
  • Cover Guide to Impact Studies and Landscape Integration

They have trusted us.

Individual, company or administration. We adapt to your needs.

Whether you are a private individual, company or administration, we adapt to your needs. We work as a team, in a collaborative and solidary way, we aspire that the proposals evolve, we develop methodologies in an appropriate way for each case and appropriable by all the people involved in it.