We help you to innovate by adapting to your needs.

Training is one of the most decisive strategic lines for us. Our project is articulated on the following axes:


The diagnosis and advice on training for companies and institutions is our first axis of work. In it we include, both the needs analysis and the preparation of reports with the specific training proposal, in one of the thematic lines in which we are specialized.

Integral design of training activities.

Our program, articulated in a modular way, allows us to offer a comprehensive design of different training activities, in which we include the definition of objectives, methodology, contents and evaluation, under the modality that best suits the needs and the theme demanded by the client. We talk about courses, seminars, workshops or specialized workgroups, among others.

Specialized teaching.

Finally, we offer specialized teaching, under any modality, in one of the thematic lines of our company: territorial planning, landscape management and planning, urban planning, environment, geographic information systems, sustainability, etc.