We are a passionate team for what it does at the service of our customers and the environment to which they belong.

Dalia Alende

In 2007, he founded the company as a Workshop on Environmental and Social Territorial Studies, which gives it the name of abtemas. Since then he has developed different functions. Acquiring 100% of the company in 2009 to assume the Presidency and Executive Management.

We give certainty about what can be done in one place

Dalia Alende

Manuel Borobio

Expert architect in land management and data management. He has worked in public administration at the local and regional level. He has directed and developed works recognized by UNHábitat of the United Nations as one of the 100 Best practices worldwide. In 2014 for the educational and social project "12 months 12 landscapes" of the Landscape Strategy of Galicia, and in 2012 for the Plan of Planning of the Coast of Galicia, which was also the National Architecture and Urbanism Prize in the XII Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism.